Tech tasks to learn about

Content types and such

  1. Create on install LEARN
  2. Hidden reference field. Maintain order of embedded items in book.
    • Create new field type? Has no displayable/editable representation?
    • Or use field group? Easier to implement.
  3. Update hidden reference field on lesson CRUD. LEARN

Exercise schedule

  1. Don't save until user makes all changes and hits Save? Or save as progress with AJAX?
  2. Order of exercises is fixed. Determined by the course.
    • When change the order of exers in course, what happens? Same for add.
  3. If there are time estimates for exercises, show total time since last day?
  4. Allow user to insert external events, like vacation.
  5. +/- buttons - days since previous and start of course. Clicking updates all subsequent. Interface shows dates.

JS interfaces

  1. Embedding on Drupal page. LEARN
  2. Security of AJAX calls. LEARN
  3. Could be multiple JS interfaces with unsaved data on a page.
  4. Backbone LEARN

UI widgets

  1. Multi select JQuery things. LEARN
  2. Large admin menu.
  3. Save/Edit


  1. Keyboard shortcuts. Onscreen guide. LEARN
  2. Psuedent widget
  3. Exercise widget
  4. Big idea widget
  5. Pattern widget
  6. Admonition widget
  7. Styles select - heading, subheading
  8. Math widget?

Book mods

  1. Add new page widget.
  2. Repeat nav widget.
  3. Display tree widget


  1. Base on Bootstrap?
  2. ToC module.
  3. What styles can modules assume exist? Check Classy? LEARN
  4. How to handle SVG LEARN

Organization and installation

  1. Installation profile. Easier to assume an MT Drupal. LEARN
  2. Installation log, shown to user after installation, stored in file for later review if needed.
  3. One project with multiple modules? Multiple projects with dependencies?
  4. Add roles and perms.
  5. Update user 1's perms on install.
  6. Text formats - Modify standard formats? Create new ones? LEARN


LEARN new module.